Century of Design

Former CCC Workers with Current AmeriCorps Workers, Leeds, Utah
Photo by Harvey Smith, September 2011

Read Harvey Smith’s article, Century of Design: Remembering the New Deal in the Parks, Harvey L. Smith

Century of Design

CCC Centre County, PA

Civilian Conservation Corps workers pour concrete for the Poe Valley dam. The CCC camps helped to build Poe Valley State Park during the Great Depression. Photo provided

CCC Stories shared at Centre County PA event

The CCC Centre County, PA shared stories thanks to the Historical Society  on August 14, 2016 at the Poe Valley State Park.



Civilian Conservation Service Corps


NNDPA frequently hears the following: “We could sure use another CCC program to help homeless people today.” We totally approve of this suggestion but are happy to report that there are some existing programs that are quite similar but not nearly as large in numbers of participants and not fully government-funded and no Army run camps like done in the CCC. The Department of Interior supports this new youth initiative and little known existing legislation H.R.1966 was introduced April 22, 2015 -21st Century Civilian Conservation Service Corps and is attempting approve legislation “to authorize the President to reestablish the Civilian Conservation Corps as a means of providing gainful employment to unemployed and underemployed citizens of the U.S. through the performance of useful public work and for other purposes.”
The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps-contact info is here and a list of their 21 CSC-partners can be found on that website. The charter of this group calls for it to develop “national partnerships to support 21 CC.” These partnerships with national and local non-profit and for-profit organization support the development and implementation of the 21 CSC to reach its goal of engaging 100,000 young people and veterans per year in conservation service. There are nearly 200 different but similar programs to the CCC located all over the country. For example, by state there are the following number of programs:
California -21
Colorado 15
Connecticut -2
D.C. -7
Massachusetts- 4
North Carolina-2
New York -6
New Mexico -8
New Jersey-2
Nevada -3
South Carolina -1
West Virginia-1
Wyoming -1

Not all of the programs are Accredited Corps. Approximately 21 of the programs are accredited. The accreditation process is overseen by The Corps Center of Excellence , a subsidiary of The Corps Network; the National Assoc. of Service and Conservation Corps. Accreditation is granted to Corps that have undergone an in-depth review of their general operations, financial management, risk management, and governance standards and have demonstrated accountability to both Corps members and the communities in which they operate. Accreditation is available only for organizations that meet the definition of a Corps. Some contact programs and staff that can share more about this whole subject include:

The CCC Legacy –Joan Sharpe, Director
Conservation Legacy—Durango, CO. Director: Harry Buell 970-403-1149
The Corps Network –Washington, D.C. Director: Mary Ellen Sprekel.
Corporation for National and Community Service Chief of External Affairs: Ted Miller cncs@delivery.nationalservice.gov

Arts & Letters, A Reading Performance

Mural “Hard Rock Miners” Archie Musick (Photo: Colorado Springs Museum)

Arts and Letters, A Reading Performance

will take place on Sunday Sept. 25 @ 3pm, at Library 21c in Colorado Springs, CO. It is presented by the New Deal of the New Deal of Southern Colorado. This free event is about an hour long. It tells the story, with slides and music, of the lives thru letters, of Archie Musick, a local New Deal artist to and from other artists and models during the depression. There is even a guest appearance by the then governor of Colorado, Gov. Carr. This performance was created by Archie’s daughter Pat Musick, and gives a wonderful account of what was happening around the country at that time.

Library 21c
1575 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 8092

Kathy Flynn’s Podcast

Hear Kathy Flynn’s Podcast on the Richard Eeds show from Aug. 30, at 9am on KVSF – Santa Fe, NM! Kathy talks about the upcoming NNDPA’s Annual Fundraiser.

Hear Kathy Flynn, on Richard Eeds, 



13 PRESIDENTS Book Launch

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
is pleased to present

FDR Presidential Library and Home
Marisa J.

author of


September 1, 2016
7:00 p.m.
Henry A. Wallace Center at the The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum is pleased to present an author talk and book signing with Marisa J. Futernick, author of 13 PRESIDENTS. The program will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 1, 2016 in the Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library and Home. Following the presentation, Futernick will be available to sign copies of her book. This event is free and open to the public.

In 2014, Marisa J. Futernick drove nearly ten thousand miles across America, visiting all thirteen of the country’s Presidential libraries along the way. 13 PRESIDENTS is the result: an artist’s book that combines photographs from the journey with a suite of short stories. Mixing fact and fiction, each President from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush is a protagonist in this collection of unexpected portraits.

The photographs, shot on analogue film, depict the everyday details of the towns that these men are from, including the homes where they were born, and their final resting places. 13 PRESIDENTS weaves together personal narrative with wider cultural

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