We are pleased to announce that the following New Deal Partners are working with us!

Please check out our New Deal Partners:

Roosevelt House www.roosevelthouse.hunter.cuny.edu

Frances Perkins Center www.francesperkinscenter.org

Center for New Deal Studies www.roosevelt.edu/newdeal

Living New Deal www.livingnewdeal.org

Protect Coit Tower www.ProtectCoitTower.org

FDR Roosevelt Foundation www.fdrsuite.org

CCC Legacy www.ccclegacy.org

Greenbelt, MD www.greenbeltmd.gov

Greendale, WS www.greendale.org

Greenhills, OH www.greenhillsohio.us

Roosevelt, NJ www.rooseveltnj.org

Aberdeen, VA  mwi9054658@aol.com (Margaret Wilson)

Scenic Hudson Land Trust www.scenichudson.org

Brent McKee Bmckee383@gmail.com   

Ranger Doug’s Enterprises1935-45 WPA Nat. Park Posters