The NM Chapter of the NNDPA has reproduced over 200 photo images of some of the state’s New Deal public art and they are available for rent to create a Photo Exhibit in locations all over the state and elsewhere.  The actual art is located in public buildings all over New Mexico. The site (school, university, library, courthouse, womens’ club, church, etc.) desiring to have such an exhibit selects images they desire for their exhibit from the Exhibit Photo Catalog provided on the website.

There are both framed color and b/w images. There is no limit to the number of images based on the amount of available wall space at site. Each colored framed image is 15″ x 18″ and the black & white images are a little smaller.  Generally about 40 images are selected by each site and the rental is $150 for a three month long exhibit. We can deliver and pick up or the site folks can pick up and return to and from Santa Fe where the photos are stored. We also offer a lecture for the opening of the exhibit if desired. For more details about this opportunity, please contact Kathy Flynn at our office at or 505-690-5845.