Celebrating Art in Colorado Springs

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“Celebrating Art In Colorado Springs.” The Cheyenne Mountain KIVA., Journal
of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center. Vol. 21, No.1, Summer 2019. “A
Community of Artist Friends;” Pat Musick. pp,.24-27. “From Archie Musick’s
The Transplanting of Culture” (This articled first published in the March
1937 Magazine of Art.) pp. 28-29. “The Origins of the Broadmoor Art Academy
1919-1945. Raughton, Jim. pp. 32-36. “Birth of the Colorado Springs Fine
Arts Center” McIntyre, Roberta. Pp.37-41.

The Editor of this magazine is
Richard Marold, also well known in the Colorado-New Mexico areas as a
professional and outstanding performer of our New Deal’s own leader, Pres.
Franklin D. Roosevelt.