Our nation is again facing similar and even more critical environmental problems — in particular, the climate changes facing this planet, not just our nation, which must be addressed. Those most concerned are working to address those current problems and identifying them as THE GREEN NEW DEAL, a most ambitious challenge as the NEW DEAL was in the 1930’s. The name was most likely selected due to the similarity to Franklin Roosevelt’s NEW DEAL which provided workable solutions to the various problems facing the nation between 1933-43.

  According to many (including some Congressional members), it is most appropriate for this country to now examine what worked best during those 1930’s as well as looking at what didn’t work out well. Also the title suggests a sense of patriotism that we can all get behind. Roosevelt made the point in a speech to some of his neighbors that emphasized how “we, Americans, are all in this together and we must help one another”, in other words, that we have a definite stake, not merely in the spiritual side of it, or the social side of it or the patriotic side, but the actual financial side of it.”

  A first big step has been taken recently in 2020 by our Congress and our President who have joined together to approve the funding of legislation for the Great American Outdoors Act. Likewise both programs cause the country to invest in modernizing. In the 1930’s it was modernizing our road system, clean water and modern electric grid nationwide and today we need to develop means of supplying everyone with high-speed Internet, creating energy conservation programs to every household by necessity.

  Developing job opportunities was a major focus of the New Deal. Today the Green New Deal is looking also at ways of “lessening inequality, providing meaningful jobs and reviving local communities.” noted Richard Walker, Director of The Living New Deal at Univ. of California-Berkeley, one of NNDPA’s very active sister organizations. He also notes the Green New Deal needs to address the problems of rural decline and suffering and hopes serious investment in small towns will come out of the Green New Deal.