Interactive Map of New Deal Sites in New Mexico

Online Map Are you curious about the New Deal sites in New Mexico?
The NM Chapter of NNDPA and the New Mexico Humanities Council collaborated to produce this interactive map of New Deal sites in New Mexico.

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New Deal Sites in New Mexico : 1933

This map identifies the vast accomplishments of various New Deal programs and projects that took place in New Mexico between 1933-43. Considered the Great Depression or Dust Bowl Era in our nation, its accomplishments are too frequently unknown or taken for granted.

The map focuses on those accomplishments:

  • public buildings (post offices, courthouses, libraries, schools, etc
  • public art in those buildings (murals, paintings, sculptures)
  • parks and monuments (state, national and even local)

Also included are most of the 120 CCC camps as a means of alerting you to the fact that much conservation of lands and forests, creation of roads, trails and dams would be found near those camps.

Most of the camps are now gone or where some structures still exist, they are being used for another purpose. The same may be true about the hundreds of schools that served rural areas and in small towns. Many are still serving their original purpose while others may now be senior or community seniors or even homes.