New Mexico New Deal Artwork Catalog

Interested in exhibiting New Deal Artwork?

New Mexico was one of the most active states during the New Deal era, particularly in the arts. NNDPA has assembled an impressive library of photographs of public artwork created by New Mexico’s talented New Deal artists and photographers.

Framed reproductions of these valuable artistic pieces of New Mexico History are available for a 3-month rental for community display and enjoyment. After all, New Deal Art is uniquely American.
There are some 90 known NM communities that have their own New Deal public art and/or buildings, but many times these creations go unnoticed or are taken for granted.

Having our photo exhibit in such a community can bring new awareness to each town’s own New Deal treasures. In addition, the exhibit provides an ideal venue for a variety of community events, as well as an opportunity for the participation of other groups and businesses in the area.

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