The NATIONAL NEW DEAL PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION (NNDPA) and its New Mexico Chapter are non-profit, tax-exempt 501-c-3 organizations devoted to preserving the country’s New Deal legacy through the identification, documentation, preservation and public education about the New Deal and its profound impact on Americans in the Great Depression—specifically through the visual and performing arts, literature, crafts, structures and environmental projects.


The NNDPA was created in 1998 thanks to individuals from various Secretary of State offices representing various states nationwide who came together in Santa Fe to discuss all the New Deal accomplishments that were still serving Americans in their individual states and concern that all of those sites needed to be preserved, conserved or restored. Some of those present ended up as part of the first Board of Directors of the newly formed non-profit organization and the current Boards of both groups continue to work hard to carry out the established mission. Other chapters were developed in other states but only one other NNDPA chapter still exists in Colorado Springs, CO. Our national organization is always ready to help other chapters get started and the current board has a number of members that specialize their knowledge in the various ND projects. Since NNDPA started, four other “sister organizations” with similar New Deal goals exist in California, Maine, NY City and Chicago. All are in communication with the Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, NY.

This all started from ….



Our purpose was to bring together people and organizations interested in New Deal activities and creations. A goal was to develop a presentation for the 1999 annual conference of the National Trust for Historic Preservation to encourage and support nationwide preservation of art and other creations of the New Deal era.


After considerable discussion about interests, scope, and organizational strategies, it was agreed that a national not-for-profit, organization should be formed immediately so that involvement and membership could be encouraged, goals established, fundraising started, publicity begun, and planning accomplished for presentations at conferences. Roy Lemons and Charles Singletary from the National Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni group encouraged inclusion of CCC projects and products in our scope and suggested the possibility of a mutually beneficial association with their organization.


The following was agreed upon as the mission of our organization: to identify, preserve, document, and educate people about the legacy of the New Deal (1933-42) visual and performing arts, literature, crafts, structures and environmental projects.

Hopefully by viewing this website, you will be desirous of joining us in learning more about preserving those beneficial New Deal treasures. Moreover, we also hope you will share your knowledge about the New Deal accomplishments from your family stories or your career experiences. We hope to hear from you – The NNDPA Board of Directors


The NNDPA logo, which appears throughout the website, was created by Jim Pirkl of Cazenovia, NY. This logo, which relevantly depicts the various segments of the New Deal projects that Americans worked together on between 1933-43 to save this nation. As a result, we are still reaping the benefits of their labors.


Our national office is in Santa Fe, NM, our mailing address is P.O. Box 602, Santa Fe, NM 87504-0602. We can be reached at 505-473-3985 or by cell at 505-690-5845. Our email address is