New Deal

Top left; CCC Boys, Beltsville MD, Top right; WPA Federal Music Project, NYC, NY, Center; Albrizio Mural titled “The New Deal” NYC, NY, Bottom Left; WPA Federal Theatre Project in NY.  Jewish Theatre Unit production “It Can’t Happen Here.”,  Bottom right; Federal Writers Project, author Zora Neale Hurston 

The Legacy of the New Deal

FDR Statue, New DealFDR made it possible for many of our family members to survive during the Great Depression. New Deal treasures were created all over this nation that we are still using and enjoying today. Do you know what they are? Take a look around your town, city, county or state at schools and other public buildings. Think about the parks you visit, the roads you drive on and bridges you cross, could they have been built during the New Deal era? Furthermore, cemeteries, swimming pools, water and sewer systems along with rural electricity were built during that time.

Many of today’s legal rights for labor were established in the New Deal era. The FDIC protects your bank account, Social Security is possibly critical to you and your family. In addition, SEC protects investors, and FHA is the largest home insurer of mortgages. The FCC controls interstate and foreign communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The FCA is the largest agricultural lender in the United States. And finally, the TVA still has some of its original programs still in place.

Let us not forget the murals, paintings, sculptures, and even symphonic orchestras that came to be under FDR and the New Deal. Join the NNDPA today and learn more about these treasures.

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